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Filing an Amended U.S. Tax Return

What if you filed your taxes incorrectly? You might have forgotten to put in a crucial piece of information or might have missed taking a claim or a reduction. If you realized you’ve forgotten something or you’ve entered the wrong information on your tax return, it can be corrected ‘ even if you’ve already filed. […]

Are Estimated Tax Payments Required?

While going through your previous tax returns you might be thinking whether you really need to make quarterly tax payments to Uncle Sam. The ideal situation for US taxpayers is to have a zero tax liability at the end of the year. This way you do not need to take the pain of setting aside […]

Tax Implications of Owning Rental Property

Maria was living in her own condo for several years before she married Joe and moved to live in his apartment. Last week she came to my office and told me about her move and how beneficial it was to rent out the property back in the States. As she believed renting was a good […]

Form 2555 – Foreign Housing Exclusion in Detail!

Today, we are going to discuss the foreign housing exclusion, also referred to in form 2555, parts 6, 8 and 9. The foreign housing exclusion is a great way a U.S. expat can reduce their U.S. tax burden. However, the rules are cumbersome and confusing so make sure you pay attention while I walk you […]

Do you really know Form 8938?

Mary and I were sitting in a coffee shop discussing her tax positions and screening her financial documents, when I realized that this year she needs to file Form 8938. Me: Mary, there is one more form this year, which we will include in your tax tasks, that is form 8938. Mary: Form 8938! Oh […]

On Expats in Switzerland, Xenophobia, Rules and Regulations

A recent article on mentions that Switzerland is often referred to as a police state. In fact, ‘Switzerland is thick with laws and even thicker with their enforcement, and crime is low compared to international standards.’ This may sound comforting to most expats. However, there also are rules about when to take a bath, […]

Form 2555 Instructions and Tips for US Expat Tax Payers

Understanding Form 2555 (the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and the Foreign Housing Exclusion) is extremely important because it allows U.S. tax payers living and working abroad to exclude all or most of their foreign earned income. Today we will go through this form as part of a series of blogs and videos aimed at giving […]

FBAR 2016 Deadline Changes

IMPORTANT US EXPAT TAX UPDATE – New 2016 Tax Year FBAR deadline set for April 15 and NOT June 30. However, a maximum extension of 6 months will be available (until October 15). Individuals living outside the U.S. should be able to file on June 15.   The new deadline is a result of new […]

US Tax Deadline For Citizens Living Abroad

In our previous blog 7 Tips For Planning Next Year’s US Taxes we mentioned the importance of planning for next year. So here are the important tax deadlines for US tax payers living abroad to help you do that. Remember, FATCA regulations require all Americans and green card holders to declare all their worldwide income. […]

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