US Tax Services in Switzerland and the Rest of Europe

Looking for help from a US Accountant offering American tax preparation services?

You’ve come to the right place.

US Tax Practice was founded by Patrick Evans, CPA, CGMA. Its mission: to help fellow US Tax payers living in Switzerland and the rest of Europe with their tax compliance at affordable rates, to educate them on the taxation process, to be their tax partner, to apply his skills and provide for their best interest, and to make sure they understand why they are signing on the bottom line.

We strive to become your full service financial business partner, not just your tax preparation service.

We are located in Lenzburg, Switzerland and specialize in tax preparation and consulting for US taxpayers living abroad. We help clients in any location and can arrange meetings with a number of technological mediums including teleconference, E-mail, Skype, and Facetime. Also, document transfer can be arranged via registered post or virtually through our secure client portal, by email or Google drive.

Whilst distances are great, we strive on providing you with the most personable service and attention to your tax needs.


Are you a U.S. expatriate living and working in Europe and need full
assistance and consultation to fulfill
your U.S. tax returns, filing
requirements, FATCA/FBAR, etc.?
Look no further!
US Tax Practice in Switzerland is a
brilliant, competent, friendly and affordable solution!!!
feeling thankful.

– Jason Howard Peterson, Germany

Patrick is a life saver! We were faced
with some really difficult calculations
when considering moving to
Switzerland and he guided us through
the entire process from the US tax perspective. I’ve worked with a lot of people and it is rare to have someone
who can communicate so clearly and
effectively to someone who is not a tax expert 🙂 He answers emails lightening-quick too. I highly
recommend Patrick.

– Ben Welch-bolen, Switzerland

Friendly, fast, trustworthy, competent! Can only recommend.

– Eve Meier, Switzerland

“Very dedicated and knowledgable professional with strong community values and technical skills.

– Tolis Dokianos, Switzerland